Where Should the Hydrocodone Go?

Do these go into property?

My friend Sherry Stoutin, Medical Director of the Nez Perce County Jail in Lewiston, Idaho, shared an interesting case.

She sent a patient in her jail to the Emergency Department to be evaluated for chest pain.  He was cleared in the ER but was sent back to the jail with six hydrocodone tablets to be used PRN for chest pain as well as a prescription for 20 more.  The patient actually had no further complaints of chest pain when he returned to the jail, so whether to give the six tablets to him was a moot point.

The real question is what to do now with the six hydrocodone tablets and the prescription for 20 more.  Should they be placed in his property and given to him when he is released from jail?

What would you do?  Read on for my thoughts, such as they are: Continue reading