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One of the challenges I see for those of us who practice Correctional Medicine is that there are too few educational opportunities specifically designed for us.

There are a few:  NCCHC has great conferences.  The Society of Correctional Physicians puts on wonderful conferences.  In fact, perhaps the overall best correctional medicine conference I personally have attended was an SCP conference.  The next SCP conference is October 16th, information here.

Mike Puerini, coincidentally the President of the Society of Correctional Physicians, organizes a conference twice a year for the Oregon Department of Corrections which anyone can attend.  His next conference is September 12, 13 in Salem, Oregon.  Interested?  Contact him directly: .

The Academic Consortium on Criminal Justice Health organizes a yearly conference in the spring, geared towards academic issues and research. Information can be found here.

But that is not enough.  Even with these conferences, we Correctional Medical Specialists been forced to obtain much of our ongoing medical education and updates from other specialties.  I tend to go to emergency medicine events, since that used to be my specialty.  But now, my specialty is Correctional Medicine.  And Correctional Medicine is a specialty in its own right.  We need more conferences designed for us, Correctional Medical Specialists!

So to this short list, add Essentials of Correctional Medicine, scheduled this year, November 7,8, and 9th in Salt Lake City.  The Essentials of Correctional Medicine website is found here.

Essentials of Correctional Medicine. November 7, 8, 9. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Essentials of Correctional Medicine is an intensive 3-day, no-fluff course dealing exclusively with clinical problems in correctional medicine.  The course is designed to give Correctional Specialists the essential information they need to care for patients in jails, prisons and juvenile facilities.

I have helped organize this conference and I am quite excited about the faculty we have been able to put together!  I myself am speaking and I just well may be the weakest link!  I don’t anticipate any “snoozer” classes. We plan on putting this conference on every year, each year emphasizing different clinical themes.  Our goal is to have engaging, passionate and knowledgable speakers, so if you know of someone who is a great speaker on correctional medicine topics, please let us know so we can sign them up for future conferences!

Target Audience

Essentials of Correctional Medicine is designed for medical professionals who work in jails, prisons and juvenile detention facilities.   Correctional Physicians, PAs, Nurse Practitioners and Nurses will all find the material engaging and useful.


Essentials of Correctional Medicine will be held in the beautiful Hilton Salt Lake City Center in downtown Salt Lake.


Marc Stern, MD, MPH.  Amazingly prolific consultant in Correctional Health Care, Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, University of Washington.

Deana Johnson, JD. General Counsel MHM Correctional Services and one of the few full-time practitioners of correctional law.  Outstanding speaker.

Katie Clark, RD, MPH, CDE. Assistant Clinical Professor of Nutrition at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), San Francisco.  Great speaker, blogger ( and a dietician actually interested in operations in correctional facilities.

Jeffrey Keller MD FACEP. Medical director of the Ada Co. Jail in Boise, Idaho along with 12 other jails and juvenile facilities in Idaho.  Frequent speaker and writer on correctional health care.

Keith Karren, PhD.  award-winning educator, conference director, and author.  Wonderful speaker.

Scott Eliason, MD.  Director of Psychiatric Services, Idaho Department of Corrections and at the Ada Co. jail, Boise, Idaho.  Scott has a great approach to correctional psychiatry.

Tawnya Constantino, MD. Medical Director, Neurophysiology Laboratory and Epilepsy Services, Intermountain Medical Center, Murray, Utah

Charles Diviney 111, PhD. MC, LPC,NCC,CCMHC-CLD3 Counseling, CEO and Executive Director. Specialist in suicide and Suicide Prevention.

Martin Gregory, MD.  Professor of Medicine, University of Utah, Hypertension specialist.

N Lee Smith, MD. Specialist in Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pain Management, Lifetree Research and Pain Clinic, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jason Andersen, DO.  Specialist in Adolescent Psychiatry and Drug Withdrawal, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Provo, Utah.

Nancy Howard, RN. Specialist in Diabetes treatment and control. Utah State Gov. Correctional Facilities.

Dave Young, Pharm D. Professor, University of Utah College of Pharmacy.

Briam Mecham, LCSW.  Director of Mental Health Services, Badger Correctional Medicine. Years and years of experience working with inmates.  Great speaker.

Matt Young, Pharm. D. Correctional Pharmacist, Idaho Falls.


To register for Essentials of Correctional Medicine online, visit the website at

To request a conference brochure, please email your name and address to

2 thoughts on “Education for Correctional Medicine

  1. I work in a small jail in a small county that is isolated in its location. I agree that there are few correctional medicine educational opportunities. Are there any options for medical staff who would appreciate the education but cannot attend due to location and lack of local funding? For example – web videos, recorded CD of conference, etc.

    • Hi Cheralee. NCCHC offers some (but not all) of the lectures at their conferences for download. Other than this, there are no educational CMEs for Correctional Medicine available . . .yet.

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