ACA Seeks Executive Director

ACA Seeks Executive Director – The American Correctional Association (ACA) located in Alexandria, Virginia, is seeking an Executive Director who serves as the chief operating officer and secretary for the association. The full job description and requirements for applying can be found on ACA’s website at All applications must include the following: a copy of your resume or vitae; three or more professional references with contact information; and a three-page document on “why select me” for this position based on the job description and your professional experience. Interested applicants may apply by mailing a physical copy of the required documents to the American Correctional Association, Attn: Executive Office, 206 North Washington Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA  22314. Salary and benefits are negotiable. All applications must be received on or before February 11, 2022. Incomplete applications will not be considered. When applying, please include your email address to acknowledge receipt of your application.

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  1. My son has lumps that are growing in size and they hurt. He was told they are fatty lymphodes without a biopsy how can the prison doctor tell ? He is in Morgantown Federal prison

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