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  1. Divina Andres

    Hi Dr. Keller.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge in Corectional Medicine, your insights are very helpful to me.
    I’ve been working as an NP in a correctional facility in Las Vegas, NV and found your website very
    informative to my practice.
    Is there a certifying institution or how do I specialize in Correctional Medicine?
    Thanks again.


    1. Jeffrey Keller MD Post author

      Hi Divina, The closest thing to “certifying” in correctional medicine is CCHP (Certified Correctional Healthcare Provider) status offered by NCCHC.

  2. Marcia

    Great to find you!
    I also found correctional medicine after 32 years as an Emergency Physician.
    Is there any video access for sale from the February essentials course?
    I didn’t attend since I didn’t know it existed!
    I certainly will be there next year.
    Really glad I found your site, and keep up the good work.

    1. Jeffrey Keller MD Post author

      Thanks for the kind comments Marcia! Unfortunately, no audio or video of the Essentials course.

  3. Paul Steadman, MD

    Dr. Keller,
    Great website and information!
    Will you be having a conference this year?
    If so, any details?
    I’m new to Correctional Medicine.
    Best Regards,

  4. elizabeth ward

    good day!
    do you cover any articles pertaining to clinic flow , mini clinics or operation issues?
    How about clinic safety?

  5. Carla

    Dr. Keller,

    NP here….What are your thoughts on shoulder dislocations? Does an anterior dislocation require immediate reduction? What if they go out to ED and come back dislocated again? It is thought that these offenders dislocate on purpose in order to go on a field trip. I have heard that anterior dislocations do not need to be reduced as they do not cause neurovascular problems. What has been your experience? Thought? Thank you for your time!


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