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ACCP Position Paper on the Funding of Hepatitis C Treatment

2020-05-21 14:15:50 jeffk2996

I recently published the official position paper of the American College of Correctional Physicians (ACCP) on the treatment of Hepatitis C in incarcerated patients (found here). However, some state legislatures (and others who which authorize funds for inmate medical care), have been reluctant to fully fund Hepatitis C treatment. Because of this, ACCP has formally approved the following Position Paper to encourage full funding of HepC treatment among incarcerated inmates.

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Keep Covid Out of the Jail!

2020-04-27 10:38:24 jeffk2996

“We’ve got another one,” My nurse told me on the phone. “He says he was exposed to Covid.”

Ever since Covid-19 came to my town, many people being arrested have begun to say that they have Covid or have been exposed; the thought being that “If I have Covid, they can’t put me in jail.”   Of course, it doesn’t work that way.  They go to jail anyway. 

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You Don't Need Fasting Labs

2020-04-22 09:25:04 jeffk2996

If you are a prison doc, I am about to solve one of your vexing nuisances, so pay attention.

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ACCP Position Paper on Hepatitis C Infection

2020-04-15 09:28:45 jeffk2996

Recently (just before the Covid-19 tsunami hit) I was privileged to chair the American College of Correctional Physicians (ACCP) committee tasked with writing an official position paper on the treatment of Hepatitis C infection in corrections. The exact wording of the paper required some delicacy because treating Hepatitis C in incarcerated inmates can be controversial. No one disagrees that patients with Hepatitis C infection should be treated, whether incarcerated or in the free world, but because the drugs used to treat Hepatitis C are so horrifically expensive. Some state legislatures, which authorize funds for inmate medical care in their prison systems, have been reluctant to fully fund Hepatitis C treatment. More on this in a future post. In the meantime. I believe this is an important document that all correctional medical professionals should read.

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You Need a Plan for Corona virus in your Facility

2020-03-05 15:51:42 jeffk2996

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have been hearing about the threat of a Corona virus pandemic. Every day, the evening news anchor breathlessly gives an update of the number of new cases, the number of new countries affected and the number of new deaths.  You probably already know that this disease was originally found in China.  What you may not know (but you should if you work in corrections) is that Chinese prisons were especially hard hit.  This disease spreads most rapidly where people are enclosed together, like nursing homes, cruise ships and prisons.  If this disease gets a foothold in the United States, correctional institutions are likely to suffer. 

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