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The Specialty of Correctional Medicine

Society of Correctional Physicians

I just returned from this year’s NCCHC convention.  It was excellent, as always.  A very important announcement was made at the Society of Correctional Physicians’ meeting on Sunday that deserves more publicity than it is getting.

The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) has officially recognized Correctional Medicine as a Medical Specialty. Continue reading

Interesting Article of the Week: Gonorrhea, Superbug.

The Emerging Threat of Untreatable Gonnococcal Infection.
Bolan GA, Sparling PF, Wasserheit JN
N Engl J Med 2012;366(6):485

This article was generated by the CDC and is about the increasing incidence of drug resistance of Neiseria gonorrhoeae, as well as the CDC’s newest recommendations for the treatment of gonorrhea.  Gonorrhea has slowly and inexorably conquered an impressive list of antibiotics, including penicillin, tetracycline and, most recently, flouroquinalones.  Currently, only two antibiotics remain for treatment of gonorrhea, and sure enough, signs of resistance to these two drugs are cropping up in Asia. Continue reading

Dr Foote’s Home Cyclopedia of Popular Medical, Social and Sexual Science

I ran across this topic in the excellent Australian Emergency Medicine blog Life In The Fast Lane.  It was too good not to share.  After reading the advice of Dr. Foote, I’m sure that most of you, like me, will be rewriting many of your protocols!

Dr. Edward Foote was a U.S. physician in the mid 19th century who wanted to educate the general public about health, nutrition and medicine.  The book he wrote, Dr Foote’s Home Cyclopedia of Popular Medical, Social and Sexual Science was published in 1858. Continue reading

Get Updated Information Here…

We have added an ‘event’ on our Facebook page for the Essentials of Correctional Medicine Conference.  Make sure to jump over there and join the event for all of the latest information regarding the conference next month. Continue reading

Diabetic Malingering, Part Two. Scams and Solutions!

My last post introduced the subject of diabetic malingering.  In this post, I present several patients I have encountered in my correctional medicine career and the various scams they have used to manipulate their blood sugars. Continue reading

Diabetic Malingering: Part One

Happy Halloween!

In corrections, we see an awful lot of malingering, symptom magnification, and outright medical deception.  This comes in many forms, from alleging vomiting when none has occurred, to falsely claiming to be hearing “voices,” to deliberately abrading the skin and then complaining that medical can’t get rid of “my rash.”  From never-ending back pain with vague leg numbness to pseudo-seizures.  But of all of the many kinds of behaviors of this sort, the one that is perhaps the hardest of all to deal with and carries the greatest risk of adverse outcomes is diabetic malingering. Continue reading

What’s That Skin Lesion? Plus updates.

Before we get to the cool skin lesion quiz, first a couple of updates!

Get your flu shot!

Robin, at the Ada County Jail in Boise, should get her flu shot!

Influenza shots are here.  Be sure to get yours.  I didn’t get my flu shot last year and subsequently came down with true influenza–NOT a fun experience.  I wrote about that experience here: Should the Flu Vaccine Be Mandatory?  Influenza is way worse than the shot. Continue reading