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Contains peanuts

Food Allergies: Sorting out Truth From Fiction

In my previous incarnation as an emergency physician (before I discovered “The Way” of correctional medicine), I saw a lot of cases of a

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The Ankle Rules–You Don’t Always Have to Get an X-ray!

Back in the days when I worked in the ER, I ordered a lot of unnecessary x-rays.  Ankle x-rays were a particular problem.  Often I was sur


The Right Way to Deal with Outside Physicians

Those of us who practice medicine in jails frequently (Frequently? Daily!) run into the thorny issue of our relationship to the doctors who

"I take 6 Dilantin caps a day."

Beware the Compliance Trap. It will catch the unwary . . .

I had yet another patient recently who demonstrated what I call the “Compliance Trap” of corrections.  The Compliance Trap is simply th